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Ace-Hosting provides four plans which can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Starter $9.95/month
This account is perfect for the budget conscious business, individual or organisation that has moderate needs or would like to test the internet as a publicity/marketing tool. This plan is sometimes used as a placeholder while a "real" site is being developed.

Business $24.75/month
This is our most popular plan. It is designed for the small to medium business or organisation that wants to promote itself and its products or services. 5Mb of disk space is plenty of room for pictures, documents, pdf files etc. The 1 GB/ month limit on traffic has not been exceeded (Yet!).

Business Plus $49.50/month
This plan is designed for businesses or organisations that need to do e-commerce or display a database of products or services on the internet. It includes access to SQL Databases (PostgreSQL and MySQL) and programming languages (Perl, Python,C/C++, Shell).

Corporate $99/month
This plan is designed for a large business or organisation that has a lot of products and services to offer. It assumes that large files or a lot of files (or pages) are involved. E-commerce and database access are a standard feature.

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